Hi! I’m Kira. I make things on the internet.

I’m the freelancer, current #OwnVoices author and transmasc (he/him | they/them) known as K. Leigh. Because I can’t quantify what I do or explain what I do very easily—and don't enjoy the word 'entrepreneur'—I thought I’d just slap everything here and let you browse.


Trans Fiction Database

Web App built with skillful peers to help shine a spotlight on trans authors

Currently building a trans fiction database with Lucy, Dani, Natalie Feliks and Maddison Stoff so that trans authors have more visibility in the literary world. Designed UI/UX screens, focused on lifecycle development, processes, ops, PM and more.

We want to do this right, and the only way to do that is together ❤️

Looking forward to launching this on Product Hunt when it’s ready.

Release TBD

Sentient AI Sci-Fi Novels That Teach People


Coming from tech, I realized there were so many broken bits being left behind by leadership. GIGO, lack of ethics, and longtermist brainworms—to name a few. So, I wrote 3 science fiction books based on SME to help. What better way to raise media literacy about tech issues than to teach people with a fun anime-inspired story?

If people read CV (as well as my cyberpunk novella EMPTY OF NOTHING), their core competency with not just tech, but media literacy, will improve. Only when people know what’s wrong (and how) can they fix it 😉

Articles About Real Shit

SME from my noggin to yours 😊

From neat free tech tools, examinations of the publishing industry, writing while queer, and how to critique art—my skills are bonkers and broad—so it makes sense to share them with others.

We don’t need an online world powered by content, we need an online world made for people by people.

And so, I blog.

Regularly and all over the place, even on Hackernoon.

Art Literally Everywhere On All Octaves

3D Art, Music, Animations & Books

How can I make websites, pen op-eds, PM, freelance stuff, paint, and write novels? I’m just an artist. Whatever tools I can find, use and master, I will. Even techy tools~ 😊

I have three releases waiting: An OST for the CONSTELIS VOSS trilogy [character songs made by yours truly], my next novel INDIGO VOSS [transmasc Mr. Robot-esque psychological crime thriller], and a spicy novella [demon falling in love with a destructive young man against the backdrop of an atrophying town].

I’m also writing an Olive (from CONSTELIS VOSS) backstory novel about how love can matter more than saving the world 😉



TTYS 😊 — K. Leigh