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  • I made a stupidly simple / free tool to vet your clients

    I’m seeing a lot of freelancers stumbling through their project workflow.

    They’re wasting an inordinate amount of time chasing future promises, blown-up scopes, unpaid invoices, nightmare-threat-level-work, poor communication, and diminished returns.

    This leads to burnout, stress, confusion, frustration, unhappy clients, bad work, unhappy freelancers, and everyone has to deal with the fallout.

    I want to help you with this, because I care, and I’m tired of sounding like a broken record: Vet your clients better.

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  • Can't you just do the work for me, for free?

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  • 5 crazy things JRPGs can teach you about UI / UX Design

    Because I somehow couldn’t get any fucking nerdier than I already am.

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  • These 5 tech myths need to die in a giant fire

    Because I love tech, I obviously have to rant about it.

    I want to discuss some tech myths, unpack them, and point out some ways we can — as techies and companies — rectify them.

    Even though I’m attempting a more measured approach, you still need to buckle up, buttercups. It’s always a bumpy ride when I cut my teeth on some fake news and spit out the truth.

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  • The strong sleep and succeed. The weak hustle and whine.

    Winners find the time—and make the time—to rest, rejuvenate, and tend their inner gardens. They eat well, they take care of themselves, and give themselves the freedom to enjoy life, learn new things, and develop their craft / skills / minds / and sleepgame.

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  • First Year Freelancing: 5 Insane Things I’ve Learned

    I started my freelancing journey approximately 1 year ago, to date. I’ve learned some gnarly shit that I never expected would be on the damned syllabus.

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