Marketing Consultation: $300 for 3 separate 1 hour sessions.

Copywriting: .07 per word, minimum of 3 projects.

Article about your product on my 15k-25k reaching account: $100.

Code Honey Logo Development by Kira Leigh

PSD Screens: $45-60 an hour, or a minimum of $800 per project.

Power Fusion Branding by Kira Leigh

Logo Creation: $250 for finished logo, 4 drafted thumbnails to start, you pick which one, max 3 edits.

UX User Journey Mapping / Persona Building: Email for quote.

Social Media Management: Marketing retainer between $650 – $1200 per month, depending on level of engagement and work necessary (graphic design, copywriting, influencer marketing, etc???)

Marketing Manager: Depends on project. Retainer ranging between $750-$1300 per month.

Or, you could just hire me.

My going rates for any and all of these roles for part time work range between $30-$60 an hour.

Contact me below for a free quote.