kira leigh

When you blame games for violence, you prosecute fantasy

March 16, 2018 Stories

The television and film industry both get a free pass, unless there’s a potential female anatomical part involved. Then everyone loses their damned minds. And that piece of media gets slapped with an NC-17 rating. Read Original Post

The hustle is dumb and killing you

March 7, 2018 Fun, Good Reads, Stories

The hustle is dumb and killing you Hustle culture is toxic as all hell Devilman Crybaby’s own Ryo Asuka is The Hustle in “human” form, I swear. The hustle is dumb, and it’s killing you. No, not literally. Well, maybe the #hustle IS killing you. Because it was sure killing me. As a new business owner, I did what every entrepreneur does. I flung myself into my work, slammed the door, andlost the key. I was working 14+ hour days trying to straddle several clients of various disciplines. It was driving me insane. Just becauseRead More

Is finding freelance clients really that difficult?

December 19, 2017 Stories

Full disclosure: I’ve only been Freelancing, officially, for 3 months. What started as a desperate grab for cash after quitting my job, turned into me forming my own LLC and pumping out contracts like snot-rockets. I had to start delegating some of my smaller, more time-consuming tasks. Read Original Post

Why don’t you smile more? Assertive women in the workforce

December 4, 2017 Stories

We are women in tech. We are marketers. We are designers. We are UX analysts. We are Python developers. We are Information Architects. We are front-end developers. We are CTIOs. We are content marketers. We are CEOs. We are copywriters. We are project managers. We are thought leaders. Read Original Post

Fantastic internet trolls and how to fight them

November 16, 2017 Stories

Most people realize that dealing with trolls online is futile. Most people stop engaging with trolls and simply block the mind-numbing little cretins. Most people make it a point to ignore the desperate attention-seeking cries of keyboard-wielding neanderthals. Read Original Post