Why don’t you smile more? Assertive women in the workforce

December 4, 2017 Stories

We are women in tech. We are marketers. We are designers. We are UX analysts. We are Python developers. We are Information Architects. We are front-end developers. We are CTIOs. We are content marketers. We are CEOs. We are copywriters. We are project managers. We are thought leaders. Read Original Post

Face it. You’re a fraud. An impostor.

October 11, 2017 Stories

“It’s 10:19am as I sit at my home office and monitor my freelance gigs. This is my life now. Is it your life too? Are you here with me, kicking off on a new career adventure, just like I am? I’m controlling my own finances. Asking for what I’m worth. Putting my foot down.” View More